[HQ+MA+SN+DZ+TN+EG+SU] African Connection

On Sunday 12 January 2018, from 14z to 21z come back,as usual, one of the most important event
for Morocco, Senegal, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan Division. that will involve the city of Casablanca, with both his airport: mohamed V (GMMN), blaise (GOBD), Alger (DAAG), Tunis (DTTA), Caire (HECA) and Khartoum (HSSS).
we will wait you for a full ATC service and more.
Each division will be present for you during this event, and will be there to provide you with a quality control service.
You can’t miss it! Looking forward to see you in the skies!

More infos: http://tn.forum.ivao.aero/index.php?topic=327911.0