Guest Controller Approval

The Tunisian Division requires IVAO members who are not registered as a member of the TN-Division to apply for the Guest Controller Approval (GCA), in line with IVAO R&R 5.1.7. They shall obtain the GCA prior controlling within the DTTC-FIR.

For applicant with the rating of Aerodrome controller (ADC), the GCA test will be held on Carthage Tower (DTTA_TWR) with the Ground position left to the responsibility of the GCA applicant. For applicant with a higher rating than ADC, the exam will take place on Tunis Approche (DTTA_APP).


  • The behavior of the user, especially in respect to other users, must be in accordance with IVAO and Division spirits.
  • ADC rating or higher at the time of application,
  • At Leat 100 Hour as a controller on Ivao
  • At least 6 Months Ivao Member
  • Proficient in English, speaking and understanding
  • Familiar with the Tunisian local procedures
  • Reasonable understanding of the LOA’s,


Members transferring to the Tunisian division do not require a GCA, but are required to be checked by a member of the Tunisian Training department on their knowledge of ATC procedures within the DTTC-FIR. The GCA may be withdrawn at any time by TN Division HQ, if the requirements are not met any more.

Your GCA shall be revoked unless you meet the following requirements :

  • Control any Tunisian ATC facility for at least 24 hours every 6 months
  • Do not get a IVAO suspension while having the GCA
  • Make a good use of the GCA: do not violate IVAO Rules & Regulations, provide a quality service according to divisional and local procedures.

Members with TN_GCA are allowed to open with rating:

  • ADC : Towers positions Only
  • APC : Tower / Approach postions only
  • ACC : Tower / Approach postions only
  • Ps : No control Center (CTR) to be open for GCA members
  • A TN_GCA holder should have at leat 1 Connection every 3 Months

Additional information:

  • LoA’s valid between TN and its neighbours can be found here
  • TN AIP here
  • Local procedures and other usefull information here


To apply for a TN GCA:

  1. Send us an motivation letter / interested station by email to TN-HQ
  2. Training session will be assigned with one of the Training DEP for the Result

Members with three or more GCAs in other divisions are not eligible for a GCA in Tunisian division.
However, the evaluation procedure for members with only three GCAs can be initiated provided that the member withdraws one of his GCAs so that this may be replaced by the GCA in Tunisia. The cancellation of the GCA to which the member has renounced must be effective the day of the evaluation of the GCA division Tunisia, otherwise the application will be cancelled.

Nevertheless, TC/TAC or the Division HQ shall revoke you GCA anytime justifiably.